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Services We Provide

Prime Shipping Eligibility

90+ Million Prime subscribers want to get their purchases FAST with free two day shipping (or even faster in some areas).  Having your products available via Prime shipping can greatly increase your conversion rates on Amazon.  We use Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program where your products would be shipped into Amazon’s warehouse and be available for FREE Prime shipping to the customer.  We understand all of Amazon’s many rules around product preparation and labeling.  We can either take care of the prep work ourselves or work with you to prep the items to Amazon’s FBA standards.

Keyword Research

Selling on Amazon is all about having the right keywords in your listing and backend so that customers can find your product thru organic traffic.  We use the latest high tech tools to find the best potential keywords for your products and then run real world tests to validate the effectiveness of those keywords.

Listing Optimization

Nothing can kill your conversion rate more than a poorly optimized listing.  Bad photos, not enough photos, poor title, poor bullet points, no bullet points, bad description, etc.  We can spruce up a poorly converting listing and test tweaks to it over time to increase conversions even more.  We can also work with you to create new listings for products that are not yet in the Amazon catalog, increasing your sales potential.

Amazon Advertising/Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon’s advertising platform, allows us to put your product at the top of the page and greatly increases visibility and conversions.  We use proprietary software and the latest techniques to build and monitor custom advertising campaigns to highlight your products and increase sales.

Review Management

Reviews on Amazon can make or break a product.  Not enough reviews can hurt conversion rates.  Poor review scores can as well.  We can help with both of these problems.  We have automated systems to request reviews from recent buyers.  We also have systems to alert us of poor reviews so that we can respond to those issues for you and help resolve them.  In many cases we can get the customer to then update their post to a more positive review.

New Product Listings

We can help bring your new products, or products that are just not already listed, to Amazon marketplace.  We can work with you to use your professional photos or we can get professional photos made and edited to Amazon’s strict standards.  We also have copywriters that can create keyword rich listings to help your new products take full advantage of the Amazon platform.

Mobile Optimization

Over 50% of sales on Amazon happen through mobile devices.  Many do not know that Amazon product pages display very differently on mobile than they do in a desktop browser.  We can optimize your listings so that the most important information for your products are displayed prominently on these mobile devices and allow you to take full advantage of all those customers purchasing on the go.

Access to a Community of Experts

It’s hard to know everything.  Because of that, we are a member of a large community of Amazon experts that share knowledge with us as needed.  You aren’t just getting access to our expertise and skills, but thousands of experts in all facets of Amazon selling.

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